Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MBSSKL Chess Tournament


Who thinks that the MBSSKL chess tournament was a disaster?... Well I think so. The only reason I didn't cause havoc on the tournament venue is because:

1. Well... I don't know how to do so
2. I don't have the right to do so
3. I won RM800 there!!

Well the third reason is valid! But anyway... it's like selling my right for oxygen for RM800! I seriously think there was shortage of oxygen in the playing hall there! So many people and walking there is the most difficult thing to do! Largest tournament in Malaysia or... Biggest failure in Malaysia???...

Everything there sucks! I almost didn't be there to play two rounds of the tournament and I came late ten minutes for one game! Luckily my mother told me that the round has started... But what for the people who didn't have anybody to tell them about it... like Lim Zhou Ren?

... Well it's a pity for him because he missed one or two rounds because of the inefficiency of the tournament! I don't want to highlight the first round!! That was the worst part!! Find out yourself..... too long rubbish for me to point it out here!

To know that a game has started, a person must be inside the hall waiting for one hour or so and if he/she decides to go out for a nap or food, the game will immediately start and YOU LOSE!!

Why is that???

Is it because they are too poor to pay experienced arbiters?


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